Cool things we can learn from The Big Bang Theory

Cosmic Paladin
3 min readSep 4, 2021


Stubborn is good, but pick your spot! : Standing your ground — they say, don’t give up — they say. Sure, but being open enough to welcome perspectives that can help enhance our understanding about a subject matter, is how we must go about it. Stubbornness if any. should be about enhancing our knowledge — and that is the spot to occupy, just like how Sheldon chose his spot on the couch “strategically” :)

No knowledge is out of bounds. You never know when you have to connect the dots : We are not saying you gotta eves-drop, but be curious enough to learn new and different things! For instance, how does a hubble telescope stitch its images? why is redwood shores called so? Interesting facts are all around us, and the brain always welcomes them

Outliers are to be recognised and loved. They can be the trump card ! : There is that one sunflower that has its face away from the sun — it doesn’t make it any less of a sunflower! We all come with certain traits that may come off as odd / awkward / outlier. As team members and leaders, our creativity lies in the ways we blend them and play towards our goals. Howie never had a Ph’d but guess who went to space aye!

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Never be afraid to ask a question, given your intent and heart is in the right place : Either you don’t ask and remain uninformed or misinformed or dumb, or go for it. Behind those giggles and teases, there is an unsaid “thank you” from the same folks as they too, benefitted from the question you asked. If Leonard never “asked” Penny out, you know what he’d have missed!

Its OK not to have a certain skill. But take part as a group to foster the ones who know : You may never have Interactive Experience as a skill. But indulging yourself in it, even in the least capacity might give you right insights. And who knows, you may end up being a catalyst in that group! Sheldon never had interest in driving, but he surely ensured he arrived with surprises for the drive :D

Honesty can scare you at times. But once its your best friend, you will see it do wonders : Being honest can land you intro trouble or depict a factual picture that we were never ready for. But that is the right and best start to getting better as a team. As leaders, encourage this notion so there is no manipulation of any sort about anything. Its a journey towards quality customer experience and it shall stay that way. Sheldon being uncomfortable with fudging things , let to outcomes that were frowned upon first, but only to be appreciated later in the greater good of all

Let Punctuality be a way of life, not a choice — A rhythm, a cadence is what fosters cohorts. Drop this, it eventually turns into chaos. It gives yourself and the ones around you, how might everything progress as time goes by. A crucial ingredient to excel in building great products. If Sheldon never had an OCD in going about things, their apartment would’ve ended up being a big pile of mess

Respond but never react or overreact in difficult situations : Reacting as easy as it is as being hasty, often leading to a regret. Step back and ask yourself — what are the 5 ways in which I can “respond” and pick the one in the best interest of everyone involved. Remember Sheldon’s mom? She invoked Jesus alright, but it gave her the path to get in touch with her calm :)